District Organization & Operation

District Scholarship Opportunity

The Lower Tule River & Pixley Irrigation Districts main office is located in Tipton, California, with shop offices in Pixley and Woodville, California as well.

LTRID / Pixley Staff

  • Dan Vink, General Manager
  • Mike Battles, Operations Manager
  • Eric Limas, Assistant General Manager
  • Raul Perez, GIS Specialist / Systems Analyst
  • David Schott, Safety Coordinator
  • Kenny Phelps, Water Resources Superintendent
  • Jack Lopez , Field Superintendent (LTRID)
  • Kirk Masters, Field Superintendent (Pixley)
  • Jarno Mayes, Accounting / Office Supervisor
  • Beth Grote-Lewis, Accounting Assistant / Assessor / Collector
  • Sandra Young , Accounting Assistant
  • Nancy Soto, Administrative Assistant
  • Marissa Hardcastle , Receptionist

LTRID Board Members

PIXLEY Board Members

For general questions regarding operations, please e-mail customerservice@ltrid.org.